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We value the whole you

Your job title and knowledge is just a part of 'you'. Besides high-skilled colleagues, our people are also seen for the 'you' they are in other places. A mom or a dad. A loving husband. An art enthusiast or a chef. A football coach or part of the local choir.

We encourage our people to do more. To be more. Therefore, we summarize our employer brand with the sentence: We value the whole you.

"Your job is a part of you"

But not all of you. That's why we support our ITQ'ers in other aspects as well. Below you'll find some of those examples. With what story do you fit in? What's your passion, what gives you energy and what do you really enjoy?

Our YOU stories

Celebrating together throughout the year

Besides the other ITQonnect events, every year we organize the annual BBQ where all the ITQ'ers and their family is invited. In 2023 we organized this BBQ in Dierenpark Amersfoort. A good time with all the loved ones.

Even in windy conditions, Maarten & Lucas will surf for charity

Our own Maarten Warmenhoven and Lucas Rutten finished the Hoek tot Helder challenge! Kitesurfing a minimum of 130kms up the Dutch coast from Hoek van Holland to Den Helder in world’s longest kitesurf ‘downwinder’ with the other 600 kitesurfers for the Heartfoundation.

Yearly trip to Barca; VMware Explore!

Every year a (big) group of ITQ'ers travel to Barcelona to visit VMware Explore. With our Orange Army present, everyone enjoys a few days of knowledge gaining and sharing whilst connecting with experts and fellow colleagues. Not to mention the dinners, drinks and parties afterwards of course!

A group of people who call running 3 miles a 'warm-up'

One team, one task? ITQ took that quite literal when running for the 'Dam tot Dam' run in 2023. Fully dipped in ITQ orange they ran 10 miles from Amsterdam to Zaandam. A very sporty and team bonding ITQ activity that was of course celebrated with some beers.

The proof is in the pudding

Here are some of our employee's stories. Both in text and video.

ITQLife Stories

Vincents ITQLife story

After working in the hospital for twenty years, IT professional and music lover Vincent Jansen made the move to ITQ. He wanted to rekindle his passion and keep learning. How did he like the first year? And did he rediscover his passion?

Davy's ITQLife story

He wanted to learn more about cloud-native and he got that opportunity at ITQ. Currently Davy van de Laar is executing a large project at the Dutch government. What did his first year at ITQ look like? And what exactly about that other passion: Lego?

ITQ Dream Job Interviews

Ellen's Dream Job

The day I accepted ITQ's job offer, the same evening the CEO was on my doorstep with a bunch of flowers to personally welcome me. This left my husband and I completely blown away and we immediately opened a bottle of wine to celebrate. Celebrate life because you never know what to expect, right?  

Richard's Dream Job

When I started at ITQ in November 2020 with COVID-19 fully holding the world in a headlock, I thought it would be hard to find my way within the company. Thanks to the buddy program in which a coworker is asked to support a new employee and the many introduction calls from coworkers, it felt like home from the first day.

Kabir's Dream Job

Sharing knowledge is one of the things that sets us apart. When someone is working on new tech and innovations, they are always willing to share that knowledge. If I ever run into a situation where a customer needs help, I know I have a powerhouse of knowledge behind me ready to help me help the customer. That’s ITQ. That’s ITQ DNA. 

ITQ Dream Job Videos

Thomas' Dream Job

I love that I have an impact in the development of the company, the team and the people.

Andy's Dream Job

For me an ITQ'er is someone who is expert in his domain, but at the same moment is very chill and enjoying life with no pressure.

Carlos' Dream Job

I think working at ITQ is a great opportunity for anyone that really wants to deepdive into the IT aspect in businesses.