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We value the whole you

Your job title and knowledge is just a part of 'you'. Besides high-skilled colleagues, our people are also seen for the 'you' they are in other places. A mom or a dad. A loving husband. An art enthusiast or a chef. A football coach or part of the local choir.

We encourage our people to do more. To be more. Therefore, we summarize our employer brand with the sentence: We value the whole you.

"Your job is a part of you"

But not all of you. That's why we support our ITQ'ers in other aspects as well. Below you'll find some of those examples. With what story do you fit in? What's your passion, what gives you energy and what do you really enjoy?

Our YOU stories

Ellen's Dream Job

The day I accepted ITQ's job offer, the same evening the CEO was on my doorstep with a bunch of flowers to personally welcome me. This left my husband and I completely blown away and we immediately opened a bottle of wine to celebrate. Celebrate life because you never know what to expect, right?

Richard's Dream Job

When I started at ITQ in November 2020 with COVID-19 fully holding the world in a headlock, I thought it would be hard to find my way within the company. Thanks to the buddy program in which a coworker is asked to support a new employee and the many introduction calls from coworkers, it felt like home from the first day.

Kabir's Dream Job

Sharing knowledge is one of the things that sets us apart. When someone is working on new tech and innovations, they are always willing to share that knowledge. If I ever run into a situation where a customer needs help, I know I have a powerhouse of knowledge behind me ready to help me help the customer. That’s ITQ. That’s ITQ DNA. 

Afshin's Dream Job

You don't have to be Ronaldo or Messi to play in the Champions League. Even they need a trusted team to be the best. Only believe in yourself then you can work in Champions League IT company next to the best. I did it so you can do it too. I work for Champions League IT company with VMware EUC Dream team now.

Elisa's Dream Job

I think ITQ is willing to give everyone a chance not based on your experience or education, but if you can add something to the company with your personality. 

Arnaud's Dream Job

My adventure started almost 2,5 years ago. As young network consultant I was open for a new challenge. I didn’t want to have “just” another consulting role. I wanted to have the opportunity to increase/share my knowledge and time with people who have the same goal and passion: Going for the better, having fun and all this in the best possible environment.

Johan's Dream Job

My current job is a dream job. Is it always awesome? Surely not, but that's essential to know why it's a dream job. Barney Stinson always claimed that his life was legendary, but if every day is legendary, no day is legendary. You need those challenging moments in a job to realise when you are excelling in the things you do and that your job really is legen... wait for it.... DARY! If you are always working inside your comfort zone, you might get bored because all days are legendary.

Jeroen's Dream Job

When I was in my younger high school years, there were two core values I wanted to aim for whenever I would land my first job: happiness & informality. These two are pretty straight-forward, but very important to me. When these two are bonded together, they will form something priceless, which can certainly be found in the ITQ culture.