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We are one, this is the heart of our organization, call it our collective strength - the ITQ strength. We learn from each other and share information.

Meet our teams

ITQ Germany

ITQ Belgium

ITQ Luxembourg

(And Florian from ITQ France ;))

ITQ Netherlands

"The company where everyone’s place is in the front of the bus, where everybody is equally important and where we all are behind the steering wheel. The company that I soon learned was straightforward, had integrity and entrepreneurial spirit, and where you could close a deal with just a handshake."

Robert Hellings, CEO at ITQ

Robert van Hellingen

We would like to meet you!

Specialists in their field would like to meet you once for a cup of coffee, a good discussion or to share their knowledge. Isn't the person you want to talk to among them? No worries! Indicate in the below form who you would like to meet and we'll be in touch.

  • "Our company culture is like a good book, each page filled with different stories, personalities, and experiences, yet together we form a unique ITQ force."

    Jessica Korhorn

    Jessica is working at the HR department and is looking for talented new ITQ colleagues.

  • "In our company, every day is like opening a new door. You never know what challenge you're going to walk into, but you always know you have the tools to handle it."

    Johan van Amersfoort

    Johan is a consultant in the EUC Team.

  • "In this company, boundaries don’t exist. It’s a place where you're continuously inspired to stretch your imagination, and the impossible suddenly becomes possible."

    Robert Kloosterhuis

    Robert, Technologist Tanzu in the CNA Team.

  • "At ITQ, you get the change to grow and develop yourself. I mean, look at me. First and foremost member of the SDDC Team and now Team lead."

    Sjaak Bakker

    Sjaak, team lead of the SDDC team in The Netherlands.