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'Celebrate life because you never know what to expect, right?'

Dream job 

If someone would have asked me five years ago whether I would like to fulfil a job in the IT branch, I think a would have laughed and said: “no way!” But sometimes life happens. All my working life I found out that networking is so important in many ways.  

When my previous job surprisingly came to an end due to Covid-19, it was a huge disappointment and a shock at the same time. Especially because I had just become a mother and needed assurance. Not even a week went past and I got into ‘fight mode.’ I was determined to find a new and awesome job so I could take care of myself, my family and have some fun along the way. 

After informing my network and reaching out to some interesting company’s, I got myself into the whole application procedure. This gave me new insights about myself. It’s also interesting to see that, when you are forced, new opportunities come up and you decide for yourself: ‘what is important to me?’ and ‘what aspects should my ideal job have?’ I am a generalist, I find many things interesting and I am open to new things. Because of this I used to find it difficult when people said: “what does your career path look like? What is your specialty?” Well, I don't have that. But I do have requirements and conditions of which I know that they make me thrive. 

What makes my dream job? 

For me personally it means;   

  • You get challenged, but also receive the confidence to take on new things 

  • You get energy from at least 80% of your work, because you are playing to the strengths of your talents and competencies 

  • Have daily great laughs with your ‘crazy’ colleagues 

  • Good work-private balance  

  • Celebrating company, team and individual successes  

  • There are career opportunities within the company 

  • Doing great stuff and really help out the customer  

  • Being part of a company culture where you can truly be yourself 

  • A manager who focusses on your talent  

  • A company that facilitates working from home but has such a nice office that you prefer to be there 

  • Great benefits such as an office gym with trainer, nice brand gifts, fun events for staff (sometimes with partner/family) 

  • The possibility to follow training courses or coaching to further develop yourself to be able to perform your job at ITQ in the best possible way 

How did we find each other? 

Then, an old study friend called me. (tadaaa networking!) He knew I was searching and was very excited: “I’ve got the perfect organization for you!” He told me about ITQ and that they were looking for Sales people. I called if I could have a cup of coffee to get an introduction to the company. Because I believe that a job application works both ways. A company must also sell itself by explaining why I should choose them. What does it mean to work at ITQ? What are they selling? Which core values are used and how important do they think company culture and employer branding are? These were some of the issues we discussed in the first meeting.  

It was a very open and honest conversation. Now that I work here, I also experience that everything that was said and promised in that conversation is true. From my work experience as a sales consultant at Randstad (global leader in the HR services industry) I know this is so important. If the match between what they told you and how it is, does not correspond, people will be disappointed and feel out of place. And worst-case scenario they will leave you on short notice. That’s frustrating for both parties and does not benefit the working atmosphere within an organization.  

'The so-called ‘We’ feeling is clearly present. This makes you feel supported. In difficult situations there are always colleagues who make time to think along.'

Ellen Poel Account Manager at ITQ


To avoid a mismatch, ITQ invests in you before you are hired at all. I spoke to several people within the company to find out if this was the right vacancy for me. When I enthusiastically told my new manager that I wanted to make the leap into the IT industry. He was also super happy and the same evening the CEO was on my doorstep with a bunch of flowers to personally welcome me. This left my husband and I completely blown away and we immediately opened a bottle of wine to celebrate. Celebrate life because you never know what to expect, right?  

During the onboarding, there are even more 1 on 1 conversations with new colleagues of 30 to 60 minutes. The fact that everyone thinks it is so important to get to know you makes you feel part of the team very soon. ITQ has a clear culture described with beautiful core values and real attention is given to this with all statements that have been made. It’s not just something on paper, devised by HR and Management team, it’s something that comes back in every step ITQ makes. And the staff is regularly asked to provide them with feedback. 


Is it all fun at ITQ? Of course not! As with any company, there are sometimes assignments that do not go our way, or things that go wrong and take a lot of energy to solve. This is part of it and you take your responsibility. But the good thing about this is that you don't have to do it alone. That's what the family stands for. Even if things happen in your private life that you have no control over, which makes you not on top of your game. Because you simply can’t, I can unfortunately say from personal experience that ITQ will be there for you if you allow them.  


I think one of the main reasons of ITQ’s success is that they invest in employer branding and employee wellness. The role employees have as people can no longer be viewed separately of their work-related role. The 'human dimension' - certainly when working conditions change - is a crucial factor for bonding. 

When you start working at ITQ you will hear from everyone, ITQ is a family. There’s a strong connection within the organization. The so-called ‘We’ feeling is clearly present. This makes you feel supported. In difficult situations there are always colleagues who make time to think along. So that we as ITQ make the right choice for our customers. Because while we love our organization, everyone at ITQ gets the most energy from really helping our customers. A company with fine standards and values, that is what characterizes us and distinguishes us from others in this industry. We really want to deliver quality and added value, not just make money. That comes to us because we have an advisory role, and we are experts at what we do.  

Happy me  

So now I work at this cool IT company surrounded by experts for 1.5 year now. Started out in a Inside Sales role, but already got and took the opportunity to become an Account Manager. Looking back on these months and the opportunities given to me, I can honestly say I made the right choice. It is definitely not the easiest path I chose, but I'm developing and learning new things every day. My coach, team and manager help me when needed but also challenge me to do difficult things. As a result, I have grown tremendously as a person. Looking back, you see that the road to get somewhere is even more valuable than the result. But this result is something to be proud of just like this awesome group of people. And if something feels this good, it simply is A Dream Job. 

We like passionate people!

At ITQ you get the space and support to develop the way you want. So that you can organize your work in a way that suits you.