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Yahya Zahedi is a Virtualization Consultant and barista in the making: “The best ideas happen over coffee”

Yahya has a thirst for learning as well as coffee, and wanted to work for a company that embraced all of his passions, not just his technical skills. He found what he was looking for in ITQ. So what makes ITQ his perfect match, and where does his job meet his passion for coffee?

'Whether you’re a manager or a new employee, everyone’s opinion matters.'

How did you find out about ITQ?

I was working for a small IT company in Germany when I came across ITQ at a VMUG event in Düsseldorf. I really enjoyed their presentation and met a number of lovely ITQ’ers, so I got in touch with them afterwards. They told me about a vacancy for a Virtualization Consultant, which sounded good. I applied and not much later I received an offer, which I happily accepted.

What made you want to work for ITQ?

I immediately felt this was a place that valued not only my technical knowledge, but me as a person. What I look for in an employer are opportunities to grow professionally and personally. ITQ seemed to offer the whole package – and it delivered! I’m really proud of my decision to join ITQ. Every day I see myself and my colleagues progress in our work, but also in our personal lives. And it’s the personal stuff that can have the biggest impact. You can learn so much from other people, you know?

What do you do at ITQ?

As a Consultant I specialize in advising organizations on the strategic implementation and optimization of virtualization technologies. My aim is to deliver value to their business operations. I love that my job is flexible: I have the freedom to organize the week in a way that works for me and my client. Whether that’s from home or from an office, as long as I agree it with the client I can set my own agenda.

How were your first weeks?

The onboarding period is a memory I won’t forget. Not only was I working for my dream company, it also coincided with my birthday. It was so enjoyable, and after just one week it felt like I had been part of the team for months. I was amazed at the company culture. It’s really inclusive and it was a very warm welcome.

What makes ITQ different from other companies?

I could talk about this for hours! There are things that are the same in every company, such as keeping clients satisfied, adding value to projects and successfully bringing them to an end. ITQ is no different in that respect. But what sets ITQ apart is its truly inclusive company culture.

One example is that we are all involved in determining the strategy and setting goals, which means we are engaged and proactive. I also really appreciate the lack of focus on hierarchy. I can sit with anyone in the company and they will remember who I am, and know what I do. I really appreciate this because you don’t find a vibe like that in every company.

What ITQ have realised is the importance of happy employees in a business context. They make it their business to ensure employee wellbeing, among other things by encouraging us to pursue any passion we may have.

'We’re not just colleagues, we’re friends. We’re creating a community.'

Yahya Zahedi Virtualization Consultant at ITQ

Yahya Zahedi is a Virtualization Consultant and barista in the making

'You work and learn so much faster when you’re happy. Having a passion can really help.'

What is your passion?

I love coffee. It is my dream to one day create something that has nothing to do with technology. Imagine a cozy café, filled with the smell of fresh coffee and the sound of people chatting and laughing. It’s a place where you can escape from the digital world and enjoy the simple things in life. Instead of Wi-Fi there are books and newspapers. People come here to hang out with friends or enjoy some quiet time. It’s a place where you can forget about technology and focus on being present in the moment.

Life is short and I don’t have all the time in the world. I want to learn what I can about the things that interest me. So in two weeks’ time I’m going on a barista course.

And where coffee and work meet?

Coffee and my work share more common ground than you might expect! Both involve paying attention to every detail and a dedication to crafting something exceptional. Precision and technique are paramount in both environments. Both fields require constant learning and adaptation to stay ahead of trends and technologies. In my consulting role, I make sure I stay up-to-date on the latest developments in virtualization; as a barista in the making, I continually explore new brewing methods, experiment with different flavour profiles and stay informed about the world of coffee.

Basically, the best ideas happen over coffee. My team and I organise virtual coffee tables, where we talk about absolutely everything. Just to connect. Everyone is free to suggest a coffee table whenever they feel the need to catch up, and usually everyone who is free at that time is happy to join.

How do you see your future at ITQ?

I am very positive. I can see that I am in the right place, and we are on the right path. One of the main reasons I am so positive is that I have the opportunity to be me. Every part of me is appreciated: the consultant in me as well as the barista in me.

We like passionate people!

At ITQ you get the space and support to develop the way you want. So that you can organize your work in a way that suits you.