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Car-crazy Cloud Consultant Alexandre François: “ITQ invests in its people and wants them to succeed”

Five months ago Alexandre François started working for ITQ as a Cloud Automation & Management Consultant. He is a self-proclaimed car lover: wherever he goes, cars follow. So how has his journey been so far, and does the company car live up to his expectations?

‘ITQ goes the extra mile to invest in its people.’

How did you first hear about ITQ?

My brother recommended me. I am completely self-taught without any formal qualifications, but I love learning and taught myself a lot about the things that interest me. ITQ then got in touch and during that first conversation I felt an instant connection with my interviewer. He talked about the company with so much love! It sounded like a place that treats its people well, which made me feel very positive. I then spent a month preparing, learning everything I could about the job, and I was hired.

Congratulations! So what else made you want to work for ITQ? 

I’m 24, so I’m quite young. There were three other guys like me: long-term job seekers and very eager to learn. ITQ saw potential and invested in us: they helped us get the certifications and qualifications we needed. This was a challenge in itself, which I was really motivated for after that first meeting. It’s been five months now, and I’m happy here. I feel that ITQ goes the extra mile to invest in its people. They do everything they can for us to succeed in our jobs, which feels reassuring. So that’s how I started here, which I think is quite uncommon – and quite amazing!

What were your first weeks at ITQ like? 

I was used to very different environments and I worried that I would have to just stay quiet, keep my head down and do as I was told. But I was totally wrong. I feel like a complete human being here, not just a small cog in a big company. I like that I have met so many new people. That is important to me, because I need those connections with people to function. Those first few weeks are always a rollercoaster, but getting to know the company through all of these people showed me I was in the right place. 

How would you describe ITQ as an organization now?

I don’t want to say ‘it feels like a family’ because that is such a cliché. But it does feel like that. For me, ITQ is about human connection. I feel connected to the company and the people in it. We care about each other as humans. We organize a pizza party after work every month, where we all meet and talk about life. My manager also organizes one-on-one meetings to check up on us and see how we’re doing, both at work and in our private lives. This interest in people is an important aspect of leadership and ITQ do this well and often. 

What passion do you bring to the table?

If my friends, family or colleagues were to describe me, the first thing they would mention is cars. I love cars! I grew up with The Fast and the Furious and car video games, which is where it all started. If the young me could see me now, he would be so proud, because I have my own car just like I always wanted. I love my Honda Civic Coupe, it’s such a good feeling to hear the engine, hear the exhaust, just this mechanical feeling. It makes me happy. The only problem with cars is that you always want more…

‘I feel like a complete human being, not just a small cog in a big company.’

Alexandre François Cloud Automation & Management Consultant at ITQ

Alexandre Francois is self-proclaimed car lover

‘Thinking about cars helps me understand my job better.’

Is there any overlap between your work and your love for cars?

There is. I love the mechanical aspect of cars, and there are definite parallels between how a car works and how a computer works. The engine is like the heart of the machine, similar to a CPU in a computer, like the calculator. Thinking about cars helps me understand my job better. Once I ask myself ‘How would this work in a car?’, the answer to my work question often presents itself.

Do you feel like ITQ supports your passion?

Yes. I have Lego cars and car books on my desk, and I often chat about cars at work. When I have been working on my Honda Civic Coupe, for example, I will tell my colleagues about the changes I’ve made. People know I’m a car guy, just as I have colleagues who are into climbing or beekeeping. We all love and live IT, but we’re also much more than that. We can be ourselves completely, and that’s all I need.

One of the benefits I get at ITQ is the company car, because it’s quite a drive to the office from where I live. For now, I got a rental car, waiting for my permanent one, but it’s quite small and I’m a big guy, so I joke with my manager a lot about what my next car might be and how I can’t wait to get it.

And how do you see your future at ITQ?

I’m the kind of person who goes with the flow. I don’t have long-term dreams, but I hope to spend years at ITQ because it is a great company and I enjoy my work. If I ever feel stuck, I know I can talk to my manager and he will help me find a solution, which is a great place to be.

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