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We support our talented colleagues to become an expert in the field of Digital Workspaces whilst working in an inspiration environment.

An inspirational environment, where you become an expert in Digital Workspaces!

Happy employees make happy clients; that’s not only something ITQ stands for, but also what the digital workspaces we design make possible. We set up customized digital work environments that are fully in line with requirements of teams and individual workers. This gives our colleagues the freedom and challenge to cooperate and advise on cool and diverse projects.

Our talented experts continuously get the opportunity to stay up to date of the various technologies and tools involved in Digital workspace, to make sure every ITQ’er has an advanced understanding of the technical requirements and makes them able to create solutions that are tailor-made. Besides this, you get the change to continuously work on your own development whilst giving you the freedom to balance your work-life and private-life at the best way possible.

By gaining and sharing knowledge in an inspirational environment we make sure you become an expert in technologies like Workspace One, Horizon and Horizon Cloud. This is what makes sure that we, as an ITQ’er, are trusted advisors for our customers and empowers their workforce to work flexibly & efficiently.

Will you join the EUC adventure? Then this is waiting for you!


A welcome package, a full onboarding agenda and a fun start with your new colleagues.


Get to work on cool projects and get hands on with technologies you want to develop yourself in.


Want to follow and obtain certain specific courses and certifications? We got you!


And share it. Through regularly organized internal and external events you get to learn with your colleagues.


In the adventure that's called the ITQ EUC Team


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Voices of the EUC ITQ'ers

Discover the authentic experiences of our team members, as they share their journey with us.

  • "It's the level of expertise that makes me come to the office with a level of excitement each and every time. ITQ is one of those employers that doesn't put people in boxes because we don't believe in them. We hire people as EUC consultants simply because it sounds weird to be hired as Passionate Technical Guru of Digital Workspace Solutions, built by VMware and enhanced my me as a huge ITQ Nerd, who loves to work with challenging customers to design and build the most awesome use cases, who watches Star Wars and Marvel Movies/Series and has a thing for Asian Food . Plus, such a title doesn't fit into an email signature. The bottom line is that we can help you define your own dream job, defining your destination and help you in your journey."

    Johan van Amersfoort

    Technologist EUC

  • "I wanted a job where I can still develop and learn. That remains interesting every day and is well paid, but the most important thing was the balance between work and private life and of course working in a good team and having good colleagues. The colleagues who are better than you and you learn from them every day and you have fun with them. You don't have to be Ronaldo or Messi to play in the Champions League. Even they need a trusted team to be the best. I work for Champions League IT company with VMware EUC Dream team now. Still can't believe it exists 😊"

    Afshin Lak

    EUC Consultant

This is what you'll be doing

We have a unique approach to bring quality to our customer. For you, a day in the ITQ life looks something like:

Consult & Envision

As part of the technical presale you help translate clients' needs into solutions to acquire new customers. You work closely with the clients to develop a strategic roadmap and proof of concepts to align our technology with our clients' needs.

Build & Implement

You will focus on implementing the solutions effectively in a way that will create powerful and transformative business change for our clients.

Manage & improve

You are dedicated to consulting our clients to ensure proactive, continuous improvements with strategic improvement planning.

Gain knowlegde

With help of your buddy you get the change to develop yourself, for example by obtaining certifications such as VCP, VCAP, VXIC and VXDC. Or gain (or share) more knowledge at one of the events we organize or attend.

We would like to meet you!

We can imagine that you would first like to know who those ITQ'ers are. That's why we are happy to invite you for a cup of coffee, a good discussion or to share knowlegde. Isn't the person you want to talk to among them? No worries! Indicate in the below form who you would like to meet and we'll be in touch.

Would you like more information?

Our recruiting team would love to get to know you and answer all your questions. We're an open company with a clear vision on creating a company culture that invites you to be yourself and let you do your job the best way possible. If you have any questions on working at ITQ, how we make you an ITQ'er and/or the technologies we work with on a daily basis; Please feel free to reach out.